• Hey there!


    I am Caitlin. 

    I am a comedian, writer, and actor. 

    The internet is full of bots, but I am not one of them.


    Here is a list of facts to convince you that I am Definitely Human And Not A Robot.


    1. My training includes The Second City, iO, The Annoyance, and The PIT, and I perform regularly on Characters Welcome. 

    3. My Second City instructors described me as "A true triple threat: a talented writer, actress, and singer." 

    4. I'm published in humor outlets including Slackjaw, Points in Case, and The Belladonna.

    5. I was a semi-finalist in Mohegan Sun's Last Comix Standing competition.

    6. My last name rhymes with 'sobriety' (my first name rhymes with 'bacon')


    Check out my website and I hope you'll agree that I am human and n01011101010110111

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    "It's nice you have a...hobby." - former boss





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    "That one sketch was kind of weird" - my mom

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  • Characters

    "Go get 'em! " -my dad, commenting on Facebook

    A Woman Who Went To High School With Jesus

    Characters Welcome

    February 2022

    An Astronaut With Workplace Issues

    Characters Welcome

    December 2021

    A Historical Reenactor Who Is Too Period Accurate

    Characters Welcome

    April 2022

    A Small Town Mayor Who Has Priorities

    Characters Welcome

    July 2021

  • Selected Writing

    "The specifics [...] are so visceral and relatable" - A Newsletter of Humorous Readings, May 2020

  • Performing

    "That was pretty funny, but what you should have done was..." - random guy

    Upcoming Shows

    Characters Welcome!

    April 13 2022. 8pm EST


  • Classes

    I teach virtual comedy classes, with scholarships available!

    So You Want To Try Comedy

    Coming soon!

    Stand Up

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    Humor Writing

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    Talk to me.

    Or, if you want to leave a message for my cat, I'll let him know.