• Hey there.

    I'm Caitlin.

    I'm a comedian, writer, and actor. 

    Welcome to my website! Here are 10 fun facts about me:

    1. My training includes The Second City, iO, The Annoyance, and The PIT, and I perform regularly throughout NYC. 
    3. I was described by my Second City instructors as "A true triple threat: a talented writer, actress, and singer." 
    4. I'm published in humor outlets including Slackjaw, Points in Case, and The Belladonna.
    5. I was a semi-finalist in Mohegan Sun's Last Comix Standing competition.
    6. My last name rhymes with 'sobriety'
    7. My first name rhymes with 'bacon.'
    8. I have an irrational fear of escalators.
    9. I once fell asleep at a concert.
    10. My secret talent is knowing every word to Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss."

    Thanks for being here!

  • Characters

    "That one sketch was kind of weird" - my mom

    A Woman Who Went To High School With Jesus

    Characters Welcome

    February 2022

    A Woman Who Loves Fall

    Characters Welcome

    October 2022

    An Astronaut With Workplace Issues

    Characters Welcome

    December 2021

    Medium Accidentally Contacts a Dog

    Characters Welcome

    June 2022

    Lifeguard at a Summer Camp

    Characters Welcome

    August 2022

    A Historical Reenactor Who Is Too Period Accurate

    Characters Welcome

    April 2022

    A Small Town Mayor Who Has Priorities

    Characters Welcome

    July 2021

  • Resume/Photo

    "It's nice you have a...hobby." - former boss





  • Classes

    I teach virtual comedy classes, open to all experience levels. Scholarships available!

  • So You Want To Try Comedy

    Do you like comedy, but you’re not sure where to start? This class lets you test out different styles (stand up, sketch, satire writing, songwriting, internet videos, etc) to help you discover what you most enjoy. We’ll also work on setting professional goals, generating ideas, giving feedback, and navigating the business of comedy.
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  • Sketch Writing 1: Intro to Sketch

    Have you ever watched a show like SNL, Key & Peele, or I Think You Should Leave, and wondered “How did they come up with that?” This class goes over different types of sketches, structure, comedic devices, pitching, and formatting. Weekly assignments will help you discover your own unique comedic voice, and by the end you'll have written a full sketch.
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  • Humor Writing

    Learn to write short satire and humor pieces like those in McSweeney’s, Slackjaw, and The New Yorker. Weekly writing assignments and feedback from your instructor and classmates will help you write your own pieces you can submit to editors!
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  • Stand Up Joke Writing

    Coming soon!

  • Social Media

    "Go get 'em! " - Facebook comment from my dad

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  • Performing

    "That was pretty funny, but what you should have done was..." - random guy

    Upcoming Shows

    Golden Hour Variety Show

    December 4th 2022. 3pm EST

    Broadway Comedy Club (318 W 53rd St)

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    Characters Welcome Digital Show

    December 14, 2022. 8pm EST.

    Free! YouTube Link Here.


    Characters, Characters, Characters!

    December 17th 2022. 10:30pm EST

    The PIT (154 W. 29th St)

    Purchase Tickets Here


  • Selected Writing

    "The specifics [...] are so visceral and relatable" - A Newsletter of Humorous Readings, May 2020

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    Talk to me.

    Or, if you want to leave a message for my cat, I'll let him know.